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Sunshine Coast Video Conversions offers not only premium video & photo transfers, but picks up & delivers your precious memories right to your door anywhere on the Sunshine Coast!


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Sunshine Coast Conversions offer a free pickup & delivery service on orders over $66
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Sunshine Coast premium photograph transfers to dvd and digital media

Servicing the Sunshine Coast with professional high quality photo conversions


Do you have precious photographic memories sitting in boxes or albums? Why not have them transfered to digital media on compact disc (CD) or DVD, hard drive or flash drives to retain current quality for future reprinting?


Why have your photos professionally transferred?


Your transfer will be carried out by one of our experienced slide/photo transfer editors.

We take pride in our level of commitment to digitally transfer and edit your images through our professional scanning equipment and editing software.


Every transfer is carried out manually, assessed and fine-tuned to the specific needs of each image for the best result. Fine tuning includes:  color correction (basic), shadow/highlights correction (basic), dust and scratches reduction (basic).


The level of experience and equipment costing thousands of dollars, makes it impossible to get results anywhere like ours using a home PC set-up. Results will always vary depending on factors of quality, age of the image, color casting, level of dust and mold that has caused the level of deterioration. Home PC's using basic editing software cannot come close to the level of repair we can offer.


All images experience very worthwhile improvements, especially when extra repairs are carried out.


A word of caution, the longer you leave your images to be transfered to digital media, the worse mold, dust, scratches and general deterioration become!



Whats included in the per picture price?


- Minor clean and brush of each slide, negative, photo

- Scan at high resolution (2000dpi, 4000dpi)

- Crop picture out of slide/ negative frame or photo border

- Color correction (basic)

- Image shadow/ highlight correction (basic)

- Dust and scratch removal (basic)

- Image saved as either JPEG or TIFF formats







Each picture scanned @ 2000dpi resolution = $0.80 cents each


Each picture scanned @ 4000dpi resolution = $1.20 each


Colour cast repairs = $1 per picture (does not include scanning)




Option 1 - Transfer to CD or DVD = $5 each (with standard print case and disc)



Option 2 - Copy images to hard drive = $free (Hard drive not included)

(hard drives can be supplied on request at additional cost)



Option 3 - Copy images to flash drive = $free (Flash Drive not included)

(Flash drives can be supplied on request at additional cost)





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