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Convert your memories to digital - tv slide shows

make slides and photos come to life with TV slide shows

We offer premium conversion services of your photos and slides to digital media


Do you have a special event on the horizon? Nothing is easier than playing a photo DVD at a birthday, anniversary, funeral/ memorial ceremony or when you just want to be able to view you photos on the TV at your leisure in a playback fashion.


Photo TV slide shows to DVD, or otherwise known as photo montages, are set with music of your choice and incorporate titles or captions (additional cost). Each picture is displayed for approximately 6 seconds (depending on length of time required and number of pictures) and transition to a different picture, displaying one or multiple photos at a time.


As an option, we offer parallax effects to slide shows/ photo montages to add depth and a sense of movement to a static image. Parallax is where an aspect of the image is cut out and scaled opposite to the background giving the effect of a almost 3D aspect of the picture.


Whats included in the per picture price?


- Minor clean and brush of each slide, negative, photo

- Scan at high resolution (2000dpi, 4000dpi)

- Crop picture out of slide/ negative frame or photo border

- Color correction (basic)

- Image shadow/ highlight correction (basic)

- Dust and scratch removal (basic)

- Image saved as either JPEG or TIFF formats




Option 1 - no special effects


2 titles on the film clip

Custom DVD case & disc print

Up to 50 photos with 1 or 2 songs $110

Up to 100 photos with 3 or 4 songs $200




Option 2 - Parallax special effects


2 photos with parallax effect (cut out feature from background with added movement)

2 titles on the film clip

Custom DVD case & disc print

Up to 50 photos with 1 or 2 songs $150

Up to 100 photos with 3 or 4 songs $250




Option 3 - Pay per picture

Pay per slide/photo used (music included)


No Parallax effects

$2.00 per image (includes music)


With parallax effects

$3.00 per image (includes music)


Titles/message in film

$2.00 per message/title


Copying to DVD

$5.00 per copy - standard case and disc

$11.00 per copy - custom case and disc


Copying to hard drive or flash drive

$free (saved as AVI file - hard drive or flash drive not supplied by us)




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