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Sunshine Coast Video Conversions offers not only premium video & photo transfers, but picks up & delivers your precious memories right to your door anywhere on the Sunshine Coast!


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Sunshine Coast Video Conversions our price guide

Sunshine Coast premium video conversion to digital media

Digitally enhance precious memories to DVD, hard drive or flash drive


We can transfer/ convert any of the following video tapes formats:



- VHS c

- Hi8

- Video 8

- Digital 8

- MiniDV


Convert to DVD media


- Each dvd disc can hold up to 2 hours of footage

- Supplied with standard dvd printed and case with controller skip points at 5 minute intervals

- Taiyo Yuden branded DVD disc's are used - rated number 1 in the world for reliability

- Discs are burnt at the slowest speeds of 1x or 2x to minimise dvd write errors


Transfer to Hard drive or flash drive


- video is provided in AVI format which is suitable for home video editing software

  (Per hour of footage requires approximately 13gig of storage space)

- Transfer to hard drive of flash drive is the cheapest option (hard drive and flash drives can be    supplied on request at additional cost)



Analogue tapes to digital media


A special moment, celebration or occasion are precious memories to us all. We at Sunshine Coast Conversions understand how precious your video tapes are and we work hard to turn dated old video tapes into digital home movies. Do you have precious memories stored away on your vhs, vhs-c, video 8, hi8, digital 8, mini dv tapes & 35mm slides or photos? Our experienced team can digitally transfer, enhance and restore your precious moments to either dvd, hard drive or flash drives.


Sunshine Coast Video Conversions are no ordinary transfer service - In addition to the conversion process, our editors scrub through the footage, deleting unwanted material like dropouts, lens cap and floor filming and remove obvious mistakes such as tv shows taped over family footage.


Why have your tapes professionally transfered?


Your transfer will be carried out by one of our experienced film transfer editors.

We digitally transfer, monitor and edit your film through our professional analogue to digital transfer equipment and editing software.

Every transfer is carried out manually, assessed and fine tuned to the specific needs of each tape to get the best results possible. Fine tuning includes: audio normalisation, dropout removals and transitioning between scenes.


The level of experience and equipment costing thousands of dollars, makes it impossible to get results anywhere like ours using a home PC setup. Results will always vary depending on factors of quality, age of the tape and what has caused the visible issues. Home PC setups use only basic video editing software that cannot give professional results in audio normalisation, lip sync audio discrepancies nor can they reduce video noise/ snow.


All our films experience very worthwhile improvements, especially with the upgrade noise reduction filtering.


Why pay for noise reduction filtering of your video?


Every video tape contains snow/video noise. Most times it is quite obvious to see snow or what is called noise in the picture quality of older tapes. The appearance is of a snowy picture is due to deterioration of the tape. All video tapes have noise. The older the tape... the worse the problem!


When you transfer analogue tapes to digital formats, it does not reduce or improve video noise. Professional editing and filtering software are required to adjust the video output levels to achieve a reduction of video noise. Trusting in an experienced video editing team can achieve results in video quality far superior than if you did a straight transfer from tape to digital.


We highly recommend that you have each tape you wish to transfer professionally filtered for noise reduction. The results are rewarding, and nothing is better than reliving your memories with clarity. Video noise reduction can be purchased as an upgraded to your conversion.






Video Conversion/ transfer to DVD up to 2 hours = $33

(VHS, VHS-C, HI8, Digital8, Video8, MiniDV)

(Includes: DVD printed CD & case + audio normalisation +  picture dropout removal)




Professional reduction of video noise/ snow (all video has noise/snow) = $10

Add an extra copy of the DVD (with same case and dvd print) = $10 each

Add an extra tape to the same DVD (where video has not reached 2 hours) = $5

Add a title, message, caption to the DVD = $2 per title

Add a dvd menu (needed if dvd footage is broken into sections) = $15


Video conversion/ transfer to Hard drive or flash drive up to 2 hours = $15

(copying only from VHS, VHS-C, HI8, Digital8, Video8, MiniDV - does not include supply of drives)


Contact us if you wish for us to supply a hard drive or flash drive (cost of drive added to total price)





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